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We’ve created a shop that you can recommend to your friends.

We started our business in 2022 in Belgium. It was my mother and me. She worked for over25 years as a Design and Technology Teacher at a school. I enjoy organizing the process.Since my childhood, our house was filled with handcrafted items: dresses, flower pots, socks, handmade flowers, toys, and more. Now we also collaborate with other craftsmen and craftswomen. More to come

Enjoy this world of handmade happiness with us.

Co-founder: Iryna Zarytska – Feel free to write to me.

Before any product is offered for sale, it undergoes thorough inspection and testing.

Our support team provides knowledgeable and competent consultations, ensures fast delivery, offers a widevariety of choices, and provides comprehensive assistance with any questions.

Customer Care
Throughout our collaboration, our clients can feel the respectful attitude of our staff and genuine care, making them want to return to us again and again.

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We present to you our blog dedicated to essential aspects of proper
handmade gifts care, global fashion trends, and the nuances of choosing new gifts

Unique gift store online

We present you our unique gift store online Buy me 50 gifts. At our website, you can find only handmade gifts.

If you’ve come to our website, it means you’re looking for an original gift.

Who we are?

We are a creative family. And we have established an imaginative online store for unique gifts. So people from any corner of the world can purchase our one-of-a-kind items.

At first, it was only our products: handmade toys, educational toys, children’s blankets, and more. Now we are bringing together artisans from various fields. We are constantly expanding our range so you can purchase gifts for almost any occasion: New Year, Christmas, birthdays, Halloween, Baby Shower, and more.

Each of our products is made with heart and soul. The artisan pours their best feelings into it so that the work brings more and more joy with each passing day.

Where can you buy a gift?

Choosing a gift is not always easy. Most people are already confident internet users because it helps save a significant amount of time and often money.

For your convenience, you can sort products by price and directly visit the category you need. We wrap our gifts in homemade gift packaging with ribbons. They are always bright and vibrant, just like our gifts. This option is free.

Personalized gifts – what can we do?

1. We can personalize a greeting card with your best wishes for the recipient as per your preferences.

2. We can embroider a name, birth date, or any other information on almost any soft item.

If you would like to receive additional information, you can reach out to us through the messenger on our website (located in the bottom right corner of the screen at the website).

Gift online shopping: collaboration with corporate clients

If you wish to place an order for a company or organization, it’s possible. We would be delighted to prepare gifts for various special occasions, and personalization is also an option. We accept such orders in advance because all our products are handmade! Place your order ahead of time to receive it on schedule!

Why choose unique gifts?

Once, gifts were quite simple: a vase, clothing, sweets. Today, thanks to the internet and the skill of craftswomen, it’s possible to create unique gifts and deliver them to almost any country: the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the USA, Canada, and many others.

Buy gift cards online

If you already know what to buy as a gift for the holiday, that’s already 80% of the task accomplished. But what if you don’t? It can be quite a challenging task, especially when choosing gifts for men. In such cases, we suggest opting for a gift certificate for a specific amount. This way, you’ll ensure that you choose the perfect gift for them.

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