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Choosing the Best Baptism Gift: Wonderful Ideas for Girls and Boys

If you are searching for something multifunctional, unique, and sustainable to present for such a unique ceremony in every newborn’s life, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a godfather or a close family friend, it is crucial to focus on baptism memory gifts. These symbols of love become even more enjoyable, once you know they will be warming the target recipient’s heart and soul for years ahead.

Infant baptism gift: that’s a magic of our knitted gifts

Wet-heat processing of our products. After the product is manufactured, it undergoes additional wet-heat treatment. As a result, the thread opens up and becomes even softer. 

Features of things for babies knitted by hand from wool

After washing, every thing made of wool becomes even better.

The process of turning a ball of yarn into a teddy bear or a dinosaur is always fascinating. There was still a ball of yarn, but now it turns into a stitch, a stitch into a row and later grows into a blanket for an ifant. The blanket wraps, hugs and warms the baby. This is the magic of threads and balls.

Our Collection of Personalized Baptism Gifts

At the Buy Me 50 Gifts online shop, our expert team designs and creates dozens of handmade products that will perfectly work as a stunning and unforgettable baptism present:

  • Toys — unicorns, teddy bears, elephants, and rabbits are just a few popular models of baptism keepsake gifts within our catalogue.
  • Keepsake boxes — made with passion and care, they will unite other gift ideas you might have.
  • Ready-made sets — it is a perfect opportunity for last-minute and urgent decisions to work out. Let’s be more precise. Feel free to choose this wonderful set in beautiful wrapping — a handmade fluffy unicorn, a blanket, and a pair of booties. It is one of the cutest and most efficient baptism gifts for girls you’ll find in the market.
  • Blankets — it will be a wonderful solution for those interested in a crochet baptism gift. We use only top-quality and safe materials to ensure our products will cater to your needs and expectations in the long run. They are both lightweight and durable. Since our goodies are crafted with more natural materials, they stand out with their softness and breathability. In turn, your kid will feel comfortable during their napping and sleeping time.

Personalized baptism gift: what is important

Is it always possible to personalize the gift as the client wants? Why can’t we always make a product in the same color or from the same yarn? If this yarn is unique and has been discontinued and is no longer available in stores. So sometimes it is necessary to clarify whether it is possible to perform in such a color and such a material. Some products are completely unique and no one will have the same ones for sure.

Personalized gifts baptism: why to choose online store?

If you want to create a unique gift that would be truly memorable and that you would like to keep for a long time, then perhaps you have already purchased a set of DIY to make the product truly unique and custom. Sometimes for this you buy really high-quality yarn and magazines with modern knitting. Sometimes they turn to stock stores for such yarn, so that the product is truly unique and high-quality, and the price of the product is low. There are even cases where the yarn was dyed on its own to create a unique product. Making an effort to create a unique product is great. But how many housewives, having bought all the materials, keep them in the locker without bringing the matter to the end. In our store, we offer to personalize the product according to your wishes, thus saving your time and money.

Unique Baptism Gifts: Why Handmade Presents Are Better?

The first and most crucial difference between machine-made and handmade baptism gifts is their personalisation potential. When cooperating with our experts, you won’t have to dive deeper into DIY approaches to make toys better — no need to book knitting, crocheting, or sewing lessons. If you want to follow Irish baptism gifts and their traditions, for instance, that’s not a challenge for our skilled professionals.

We will discuss the plan and present the best result in a timely manner. If you want a complex and sophisticated design with lots of elements, we will make your dream come true. However, please note that such non religious baptism gifts can take about two weeks for their production. Our personalised baptism gifts are appreciated for their environmental benefits, more enjoyable nature, quality, softness, efficiency, and longevity.

How Much to Spend for a Gift for Someone Getting Baptized

First and foremost, it is highly recommended to focus on what you can actually afford. Spending hundreds of sterling pounds on a jewellery cross pendant might be not on your budget this time. Overall, you actually don’t have to go for luxuriously pricey ideas to obtain a gorgeous present — there are numerous baptism gifts for non religious purposes that range from twenty to one hundred sterling pounds (or analogous sums in whatever currency you prefer).

Our brand is one of those stores that sell baptism gifts for your budget. We can customise and personalise the model, play with the applied techniques and materials, etc. — everything to deliver high-end results. Still, from an ethical perspective, you can consider your relationship with the newborn’s parents to define your financial commitment to the purchase.

Offline vs. Online Baptism Gift Stores: Buy Me 50 Gifts Edition

Seeking a local shop with everything you need to get ready for a baptism ceremony might be really exhausting. On the contrary, online shopping guarantees more freedom and room for customisation. You can easily add unique ornaments, knitted elements, and more to contribute to the sentimental and aesthetic value of our female and male baptism gifts.

Wrap It Up: Are Sentimental Baptism Gifts Worth It?

At the end of the day, there is no reason to say “no” to something so charming and cute as handmade baptism gifts for boys and girls at the Buy Me 50 Gifts store — the variety of blankets, booties, keepsake boxes, and toys is amazing. What’s more, our masters guarantee a perfect touch of individuality in every token of care and love you will receive here. Presents that preserve the memories and emotions of such a special moment as a baptism ceremony aren’t likely to become outdated one day.