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Crochet yarn in Ghent

Ghent (30 min from Brussels) had a discount period from May 31 to June 2. I decided to visit the church on June 2, and then take a walk with my friend. And what an interesting thing we found. This

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Elsa Frosen crochet

Elsa Frozen – handmade doll

Elsa Frozen is the perfect birthday present About new projects in our Buy me 50 gifts store Of course… if you know how to crochet well, the children will love you. But if you can still create  schemes and designs, then

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Inspiration for new crochet projects

Wonderful flower therapy in Brussels To find inspiration, we’ve visited a tourist spot – Brussels Serres royales de Laeken We also give you the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful plants. These landscapes are so amazing. In the greenhouse itself, there

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