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Crochet yarn in Ghent

Crochet yarn: fair in Ghen, Belgium

Ghent (30 min from Brussels) had a discount period from May 31 to June 2. I decided to visit the church on June 2, and then take a walk with my friend. And what an interesting thing we found. This warm period is full of flea markets where you can find all kinds of interesting things.
And I managed to find lots and lots of yarn and various accessories.
The yarn is extremely high quality and at incredible discounts.
Such outdoor fairs take place in the center of Ghent when there is no rain. Therefore, this Sunday turned out to be a miracle in terms of shopping.
On weekends, there are lots of tourists in Ghent who eat delicious ice cream and just enjoy their free time.

What yarn and brands did I find in Belgium:

100% cotton
100% virgin wool
82% cotton and 10% nylon, 8% polyester
96% cotton, 4% polyester


Scheepjes Isis
Solo Cotone Stella

There was also a variety of accessories. I managed to acquire a cool light hook.

I am attaching photos:



Iryna Zarytska

Iryna Zarytska

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