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Elsa Frozen – handmade doll

Elsa Frozen is the perfect birthday present

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Of course if you know how to crochet well, the children will love you. But if you can still create 

schemes and designs, then children will surround you from all sides asking you to crochet something for them. 

So our niece is simply delighted with the cartoon character Elsa. She already has a backpack with Elsa, a dress with Elsa, sneakers with Elsa Frozen A house like Elsa’s

And she ordered Elsa doll for her birthday. Could you say “No”?

Handmade Elsa Frozen: what will it look like?

Here are some photos. The doll is not completely cr0cheted yet, but the base is already there. They will have crocheted panties that can be changed. The shoes will not be removable.

The hair will be crocheted. The dress will also be turquoise.

Certified to be chemically and physically safe, they are perfect to cuddle with.

Elsa Frozen Elsa Handmade Elsa Frosen crochet

Iryna Zarytska

Iryna Zarytska

Enjoy this world of handmade happiness with us.

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