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Handmade necklace #1

Artisan jewellery store: about our instant projects

“How are we doing? We are doing well. 🙂

Artisan jewellery shop: new ideas

We are constantly working on new projects for our artisan jewellery store, as well as for our YouTube channel Buy me 50 gifts. 

This time we have chosen an interesting handmade necklace, consisting of the four letters L, O, V, and E. What could be more important than love?

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Homemade necklace production photos

These letters are crocheted from high-quality yarn. The colours for the handmade necklace are chosen in cheerful tones. It can also be a wonderful gift. For unique handmade necklace, we have also used various beads of different shapes and colors. I’m attaching some photos of the homemade necklace production process. 

Handmade necklace Artisanal necklace

The cords for the decoration were also made by hand. We also starched the letters so that the necklace does not twist on the neck. The hand-made necklace itself can have different lengths. 

The realise of the handmade necklace at our website Buy me 50 gifts

Soon we will also add the item to our handmade jewelry website. More information about this product can be found at the link below.

Handmade necklace: personalisation

Upon the customer’s request, it is possible to personalise the product in different colours and sizes. 

For personalization of the product, please contact us by email:”

Iryna Zarytska

Iryna Zarytska

Enjoy this world of handmade happiness with us.

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