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Unique bookmark hedgehog

Unique bookmark: new week – new ideas

This week we have dedicated to creating a new unique bookmarkkind of paperclip-based bookmarks. We have created similar projects
before with a flower and a leaf. Such a project received positive reviews.

Unique bookmark: reviews from our YouTube channel

Just crocheted a few for my kids, thanks for the detailed tutorial

Such comments always inspire to create new projects.
Now this hedgehog is made in two colors. A small bookmark up to 5-6 cm in size.
The eye was attached using a hot glue gun. The nose is embroidered with black thread.
Such a hedgehog will inspire your little one to study or read well.

Unique bookmark hedgehog

Unique bookmarks for books: make your kids happy

It is also possible to make a gift set from a hedgehog, a leaf and a flower. Those handmade gifts – unique bookmarks – for kids’ books will always stay in their memory.

A tutorial for viewers of our YouTube channel Buy me 50 gifts was also created based on the motives.

Unusual bookmarks

In our life, we always strive to have a unique, interesting thing that would be original. If you are also a connoisseur of originality, I also offer you this interesting bookmark.

To purchase a bookmark, follow the link below.

Unique handmade bookmark

Unique personalized bookmarks

No personalization is provided for this bookmark. But in general, in our store you can buy many products with your own personalization.

Iryna Zarytska

Iryna Zarytska

Enjoy this world of handmade happiness with us.

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