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Buying educational toys: handmade educational toys are a wonderful way to ensure that a child enjoys themselves while simultaneously fostering their growth and development.

The more a child delights, as long as it contributes to their advancement,” – that’s how this well-known expression would be more aptly put. Because children’s toys hold immense significance. They serve as miniature replicas of the adult world, offering a means to comprehend the environment surrounding them. When appropriately chosen, by the child’s age… to buy educational toys becomes paramount. These playthings act as vital tools to stimulate cognitive, social, and physical development. By buying educational toys, you are investing in a child’s progress and affording them opportunities for learning and exploration.

Handmade educational toys: how to choose?

When choosing developmental toys for your child, it’s essential to consider the following criteria, based on general recommendations from child psychologists, doctors, and educators:

Educational toys buy criteria #1

Child’s age: choose toys suitable for their age and developmental level. Age recommendations are usually given on the toy’s packaging.

Educational toys buy criteria #2

Existing skills of the child: take into account your child’s current abilities and interests. Choose toys that can help enhance their existing skills and encourage further development.

Educational toys buy criteria #3

Purpose of the toy: determine the specific purpose of the developmental toy. Whether it’s for fine motor skills, learning numbers and letters, stimulating imagination, improving memory, or other aspects of development.

Educational toys buy criteria #4

Child’s needs and interests: take into account your child’s likes and dislikes. The toy should match their interests to capture their attention and keep them engaged.

Educational toys buy criteria #5

Product quality and safety: make sure that the toy is manufactured of safe materials and does not have sharp edges or poorly secured parts that could pose a safety risk.

Buy educational toys online

Buying educational toys online has become increasingly convenient and accessible, allowing parents to explore a vast array of options specifically designed to stimulate various aspects of a child’s development. These toys are thoughtfully crafted to be both fostering skills like problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking, and fine motor abilities.

Educational toys buy online: the advantage

Educational toys can cover a wide range of areas, aiming to develop memory, reactions, quick thinking, attention, imagination, and musical perception, among others. These games can help identify leaders within a children’s group, unite and bond the team, overcome shyness, and boost self-confidence. The advantage is that they can enjoy playing them without even realizing that they are being educated and shaped at the same time.

To enhance the learning experience and provide children with more opportunities for growth, parents and educators can also consider incorporating educational toys into their playtime.

Educational games to buy

Every parent’s dream is to raise an intelligent and intellectually developed child and psychological games are considered invaluable aids in child-rearing. The uniqueness of these playful activities lies in the fact that achieving high results in the end is not necessary; the captivating and interesting process itself is considered essential. Special training sessions conducted by psychologists also allow for identifying issues with a child’s psyche, addressing them at an early stage, and even boosting the child’s self-esteem.

Educational toys for 1-year-old buy, price

Educational toys for 1-year-old buy, price: recommendations

Experts recommend following a comprehensive yet gradual approach to a child’s development during their first year. It is essential to pay attention to the following aspects:

Sensory experiences (touch and feel).

Fine motor skills (working with small objects).

Analyzing and describing people, animals, and familiar objects.

Logical thinking (sorting, searching).

Movement and physical activity.

Educational toys for 1-year-olds play a crucial role in supporting their development during this critical stage. These toys are thoughtfully designed to stimulate a child’s senses, promote motor skills, encourage exploration and discovery, and foster cognitive development.

Educational toys for 1-year-olds buy price: types of toys

Rattles (yellow, green, blue) – the first colours that attract infants’ attention.

A ribbon stretched over the crib with various hanging objects: small balls, rubber teething rings that the child

wants to grab, push away, or examine.

Teething rings that they can chew on.

Large and small lightweight multicoloured balls.

Soft toys that can be washed and dried. Babies like to chew on them, squeeze them, and cuddle with them.

Dolls that wobble but don’t fall.

Educational toys for 3-year-olds

Educational toys for 3-year-olds: explanations

Children between the ages of 2 and 3 years are actively exploring their surroundings, learning by imitation, and rapidly expanding their vocabulary and language skills. They accumulate and generalize their first experiences and develop self-awareness. Educators and child psychologists recommend engaging children in interesting games during this period. And also to spend more time outdoors, traveling when possible, and providing them with vibrant emotions. By doing so, children will find it much easier and more enjoyable to learn new and valuable information.

Educational toys for 3-year-olds play a crucial role in their development during this stage. These toys are designed to stimulate their curiosity, promote hands-on learning, and foster essential skills in a fun and interactive way. Whether it’s building blocks to encourage creativity, puzzles to enhance problem-solving abilities, or art supplies to nurture artistic expression. There are numerous options to cater to the developmental needs and interests of 3-year-olds.

Educational toys for 3-year-olds buy price: main idea

Toys for children of this age should introduce them to the concepts of shape, colour, size, and texture of objects. They should involve various manipulations with toys, such as stacking, matching, threading, inserting, disassembling, and reassembling. These games encourage creative initiative and provide children with a deeper understanding of the world around them.

During this crucial stage of development, it is essential to create a stimulating and nurturing environment where children can explore, play, and learn. By engaging in age-appropriate games and activities, children will also foster essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills. It will lay the foundation for their future growth and success.

Educational toys for 3-year-olds offer a wide range of opportunities to support their overall development. Parents and caregivers can carefully choose toys that align with the child’s interests and provide opportunities for exploration and discovery. These toys can inspire a love for learning and set the stage for a lifelong curiosity and thirst for knowledge. By incorporating educational toys into playtime, parents can create a positive and enriching environment. That nurtures a child’s potential and sets them on a path of continuous growth and development.

Learning toys

When buying learning toys, consider choosing those that align with your child’s interests and developmental needs. These toys can make learning a joyful experience and provide valuable opportunities for growth and learning playfully and enjoyably.

In general, every toy helps a little one to explore the world and develop. However, when we talk about the benefits, parents need to know precisely what skills to foster at each stage of their child’s life.

For developing skills like logic and imagination, certain toys are more suitable, while for fine motor skills training, other toys are more appropriate, and so on. The principle of trying to develop all skills at once doesn’t work well, as it can cause the child’s attention to scatter, making it challenging to absorb information. It is essential to gradually introduce and add developmentally appropriate toys based on your child’s age and skills.

And, most importantly, remember that the best learning toys and games educate the child in a fun and engaging manner without being intrusive or annoying.

Learning toys can be a valuable addition to a child’s playtime, as they are specifically designed to promote various aspects of their development. These toys offer an interactive and enjoyable way to enhance cognitive abilities, problem-solving skills, creativity, and more.

Educational toys for 2-year-olds

Educational toys for 2-year-olds: types of toys

Moving toys (cars, animals on wheels), balls, tear-resistant books, dolls, stuffed animals, and large and medium-sized buttons threaded on a sturdy string (for safety) to develop fine motor skills. “Push-along” toys in various forms, as long as they can be easily pushed or pulled by a handle or string. Plastic building blocks and cubes Wobble toys. A collection of audio recordings with simple lyrical melodies, children’s songs, stories, and recitations that can be regularly played for your child to listen to.

When it comes to creating an engaging setting for your child’s development… child, buying educational toys is essential. These toys offer opportunities for exploration, creativity, and skill development. Whether it’s moving toys, balls, tear-resistant books, dolls, or building blocks, educational toys engage children and promote their cognitive and physical development. Additionally, wobble toys and audio recordings of songs, stories, and recitations can entertain and educate young minds. Invest in educational toys to create an enriching play environment that supports your child’s growth and learning.

Educational toys for 5-year-olds

Back to school soon! It’s time to start preparing for it now. At preschool age, children are full of energy, curious, and have well-developed language and imagination, which allows them to express their creative abilities.

What toys does a 5-year-old need? Developmental toys that help solve challenging tasks and improve concentration. Building blocks, board games, remote-controlled toys, and a digital camera.

Educational toys for 4-year-olds

Curiosity at its peak! The age of “why” is unique. Engaged in a continuous process of exploring the world around them, the child is naturally curious and finds ways to involve parents in their discoveries. What are the best developmental toys that would be most suitable for a 4-year-old child?

Learning Toys for 4 year olds

When engaging in activities with your child, remember that the play actions of a 3-4-year-old are based on interactions with toys or a desire to obtain objects in their hands. At this age, children are particularly interested in the world of objects. Try to categorize games and play exercises offered to the child by themes: “Toys,” “Domestic Animals,” “Wild Animals,” “Tableware,” “Furniture,” and so on.

Learning toys for 4-year-olds can greatly enhance their development during this stage. These toys are specifically designed to promote cognitive, motor, and social skills while providing an enjoyable learning experience. Parents can choose from a wide variety of educational toys that align with the child’s interests and encourage exploration and discovery.

By incorporating learning toys into playtime, parents can create a nurturing and stimulating environment where children can learn and grow while having fun. These toys can foster creativity, problem-solving, and language skills, laying a strong foundation for future learning success.

As children of this age are naturally curious and eager to explore the world around them, learning toys for 4-year-olds can help satisfy their thirst for knowledge and encourage a lifelong love for learning. Providing age-appropriate educational toys is a great way to support a child’s development and set them on a path of continuous growth and discovery.

Preschool toys buy

There is every reason to believe that in the process of differential socialization, preschool toys play a significant role. According to conducted research, toys and games help girls practice activities related to motherhood and household management, and develop communication skills, and cooperation. The situation is quite different for boys: preschool toys and games encourage them to engage in inventiveness, transforming the world around them. They help develop skills that form the basis for spatial and mathematical abilities, fostering independent, competitive, and leadership behaviours.

When considering the development and education of children, buying the right preschool toys is crucial. These toys offer valuable opportunities for children to learn, explore, and acquire essential skills in a fun and engaging manner. Parents can buy preschool toys that align with their child’s interests and developmental needs, helping to create a supportive and stimulating environment for learning and growth.

Preschool toys can range from building sets and puzzles to educational board games and imaginative playsets. By choosing age-appropriate toys and incorporating them into playtime, parents can actively participate in their children’s learning journey and help nurture their potential. Additionally, the right preschool toys can foster creativity, problem-solving, and social skills, laying a strong foundation for future academic and personal success.

As children grow and develop, preschool toys play a vital role in shaping their abilities, interests, and personalities. By providing access to a variety of stimulating and educational toys, parents can enrich their children’s early years and set them on a path of curiosity and continuous learning. Preschool toys can truly make a positive difference in a child’s development and overall well-being.

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