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Crochet yarn in Ghent

crochet yarn

What interesting things did we find for our store in Ghent, Belgium? Where to get interesting ideas? Why do we want to visit the flea market in Ghent again?

Elsa Frozen – handmade doll

Elsa Frosen crochet

Elsa Frozen is the perfect birthday present About new projects in our Buy me 50 gifts store Of course… if you know how to crochet well, the children will love you. But if you can still create  schemes and designs, then children will surround you from all sides asking you to crochet something for them.  So our niece is simply delighted with the cartoon character Elsa. She already has a backpack with Elsa, a dress with Elsa, sneakers with Elsa Frozen… A house like Elsa’s… And she ordered Elsa doll for her birthday. Could you say “No”? Handmade Elsa Frozen: what will it look like? Here are some photos. The doll is not completely cr0cheted yet, but the base is already there. They will have crocheted panties that can be changed. The shoes will not be removable. The hair will be crocheted. The dress will also be turquoise. Certified to be chemically and physically safe, they are perfect to cuddle with.

Inspiration for new crochet projects

Wonderful flower therapy in Brussels To find inspiration, we’ve visited a tourist spot – Brussels Serres royales de Laeken We also give you the opportunity to enjoy these wonderful plants. These landscapes are so amazing. In the greenhouse itself, there is an incredible variety of flowers.

Mesh beanie

Mesh beanie: summer project starts Mesh beanie one, mesh beanie two, three… Today is Monday, and we are already working hard in the morning. The sun is already warming well and summer will come very soon, this which means it’s a great time for the mesh beanie. Mesh beanie is made of cotton yarn in various patterns. The photo shows the results of our family business seems to soon many girls will have cool hats on their heads. Beanie with mesh: gift for her Beanies with mesh can also be a cool gift for a birthday or other holiday. If you need a corporate order, please contact us in the form below on the website. Selection is possible colours at the request of customers. It is also possible to decorate the cap with various beads or rings. Also, a tutorial video will appear on our YouTube channel. Mesh crochet beanie: photos

Unique bookmark hedgehog

Unique bookmark hedgehog

Unique bookmark: new week – new ideas This week we have dedicated to creating a new unique bookmark – kind of paperclip-based bookmarks. We have created similar projects before with a flower and a leaf. Such a project received positive reviews. Unique bookmark: reviews from our YouTube channel Just crocheted a few for my kids, thanks for the detailed tutorial Such comments always inspire to create new projects. Now this hedgehog is made in two colors. A small bookmark up to 5-6 cm in size. The eye was attached using a hot glue gun. The nose is embroidered with black thread. Such a hedgehog will inspire your little one to study or read well. Unique bookmarks for books: make your kids happy It is also possible to make a gift set from a hedgehog, a leaf and a flower. Those handmade gifts – unique bookmarks – for kids’ books will always stay in their memory. A tutorial for viewers of our YouTube channel Buy me 50 gifts was also created based on the motives. Unusual bookmarks In our life, we always strive to have a unique, interesting thing that would be original. If you are also a connoisseur of originality, I also offer you this interesting bookmark. To purchase a bookmark, follow the link below. Unique personalized bookmarks No personalization is provided for this bookmark. But in general, in our store you can buy many products with your own personalization.

Handmade necklace #1

Artisanal necklace

Artisan jewellery store: about our instant projects “How are we doing? We are doing well. 🙂 Artisan jewellery shop: new ideas We are constantly working on new projects for our artisan jewellery store, as well as for our YouTube channel Buy me 50 gifts.  This time we have chosen an interesting handmade necklace, consisting of the four letters L, O, V, and E. What could be more important than love? Homemade necklace production photos These letters are crocheted from high-quality yarn. The colours for the handmade necklace are chosen in cheerful tones. It can also be a wonderful gift. For unique handmade necklace, we have also used various beads of different shapes and colors. I’m attaching some photos of the homemade necklace production process.  The cords for the decoration were also made by hand. We also starched the letters so that the necklace does not twist on the neck. The hand-made necklace itself can have different lengths.  The realise of the handmade necklace at our website Buy me 50 gifts Soon we will also add the item to our handmade jewelry website. More information about this product can be found at the link below. Handmade necklace: personalisation Upon the customer’s request, it is possible to personalise the product in different colours and sizes.  For personalization of the product, please contact us by email:”

Crochet eye

Blue eye crochet keychain

A new product has been released – a crochet oval eye brooch or oval eye keychain  This is a crochet oval eye that resembles a crochet evil eye. But in a designer version  (Zarytska Lyubov), it has an oval shape and eyelashes and looks quite friendly. It is important to note that we can make such crochet evil eyes also in the form of earrings and of a smaller size. To crochet such an eye, we used three colours: beige, grey, blue, dark blue and black. We didn’t use any glue. Yarn is mainly cotton, which is, of course, favourable for the environment. To make the look natural, a bead was added for a sparkle in the eyes. Crochet cute eyes: the size The size of the product is approximately 5 cm in length. However, the size can vary depending on the wishes of the  client. It is also possible to make a personalized gift, for example, a crochet pillow in the shape of an eye. We also have a video on our YouTube channel with a step-by-step tutorial on how to crochet a similar eye yourself. Now there is an opportunity to buy a crochet eye in our Buy me 50 gifts store. I leave a link to the product. Buy crochet oval eye