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New baby gifts

New baby gifts

Regardless of where you are, it is quite easy to buy New baby gifts, but not everyone pays the necessary attention to this issue. In most cases
the buyer chooses one of the plastic toys, which are presented quite a lot in the mass market. However, modern trends in the world show that it is quite important the issue of environmental friendliness of all things that surround us, including toys.

So, a few words about the materials from which we make products.

New baby gifts online: materials

Materials we use for new baby gifts

  • cotton – the material is completely natural, decomposes in 2-5 years on average. Most of the products are made from this thread itself
  • polyester is a material that does not decompose in the soil, but can be reused for the production of fabric, threads, and clothes
  • acrylic is a synthetic material, but it can be reused in the manufacture of threads and fabrics.
    We also use natural wool, cotton, and linen threads.

One of the natural materials for our toys is wood treated with linseed oil.

Also, in order to make our products as environmentally friendly as possible, we began to use wool as a filler instead of polyester.

New baby gift delivery London

If our customer is in London, then we can easily deliver our goods in a way convenient for him. It can be the Bpost service, or others services

New baby gifts Canada

If a customer wishes to ship to Canada, we are currently setting up expedited shipping from the US stock.

Personalized new baby gifts uk: how to choose the right gift for a newborn?

  • Child’s age: you need to choose a gift according to the child’s age and development.
  • Gender of the child: toys can be chosen according to the gender. So a doll may be more suitable for a girl, and a tractor for a boy. There may be some bugs
  • Budget: how much do you plan to give a gift. We are also planning to launch the Klarna partial payment service, which allows you to pay in installments.
  • Usefulness: it will be great if the gift can be used as much as possible by both the child and the parents. Let’s say, in addition to everything, it can also be an attribute for a photo shoot.

New born baby handmade gifts

New baby gift vouchers
If it is difficult for you to decide on a gift for a new born, you can purchase vouchers or gift certificates of various denominations. We will be able to fulfill
delivery of toys to UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Zwitserland and all over the world.
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