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How important it is to choose the right gift for a new born baby boy. In our Buy me 50 gifts store, we have selected really interesting and original gifts.
If you are looking for a toy, it is not necessary to buy the entire store, but it is enough to choose those that will really benefit the child.
So, let’s say, a musical light and functional musical device does not create concentration in a child, the child acts as a passive observer, and
therefore does not learn to play INDEPENDENTLY.

New baby boy keepsake gifts

New baby boy keepsake gifts: the first basic cubes for infants

Around the age of 4 months, you can offer only one cube to play with, for familiarization. In this way, he will be able to familiarize himself with its weight, smell, material, texture, temperature. Later, when the child is already 7 months old (this is always determined individually), it is possible to show the boy for
using 4 cubes, how to build a tower. Do this slowly and calmly, placing them on an open board and free access.
Such a gift will be memorable not only for the child, but also for the parents or grandparents themselves.

special gifts for a new baby boy

special gifts for a new baby boy: special gifts for the development of a child’s senses
We all know very well how important it is to develop such feelings in a child as:
1. sense of form
2. sense of sound
3. color
4. sense of size
Immediately after birth, babies have a grasping reflex, so they try to grab almost everything. The more the child practices this activity, the
more this movement becomes controlled and not involuntary. So, for a boy or a girl, it can be a rattle or a rattle.

Also great toys for newborns according to the Montessori system are:
1. comforter (from birth)
2. hook – beads strung on a string. They have a shape and size that is convenient for grasping, they can roll back a little, which encourages the child to move around
with the body, to stimulate rollovers and crawling.
3. Montessori discs (from 3 months)

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