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Baby girl gift

New born baby girls gifts

When you are faced with the challenge of choosing a gift for new born girls gifts, there are several options presented on our website:
1. new baby girl gift sets
The set can consist of a mat, toys and booties. If it’s for a girl, warm colors are usually chosen. So you can already find ready ones
sets However, it is possible to create your own sets by choosing each position separately.

New baby girl gift box
It is important to add that we pack every order as a gift. For this, we use a gift box and a ribbon. Also pencil filling for the box.
We must provide a care card for each item.
2. Montessori toys
Toys are designed for the early development of a child. Thanks to them, sensory development takes place, stimulation of crawling and grasping, refined muscle work fingers
3. The comforter is the first safe toy for a baby that stimulates the development of vision, motor skills, and sensors. A girl can try such a toy on her gums, which stimulates teething. A comforter is even desirable
buy before the birth of the child and keep it close to you. Over time, this toy will have the smell of the mother and will be able to calm the child in this way.
The material from which it is made will provide new sensory sensations.
4. Hapalochka – stringed wooden beads that stimulate the child to reach out, grab the toy, bring it closer to explore.
5. Connected Montessori disks
These disks can be used even before the child crawls or sits. These disks are two wooden disks connected at an angle of 90 degrees.
This kind of toy contributes to the formation of grasping movements and involves complex movements of the wrist.

Unique gifts for a new baby girl

Unique gifts for a new baby girl: wooden toys
Sometimes it may seem that ordinary wooden toys may not be interesting or not very interesting for babies, because there are usually many colored plastic analogues.
But as experience shows, it is with a wooden toy that the baby is ready to play for up to 10 minutes. At first, the child can track where the ball disappears, then rejoice,
that managed to get into the hole. It should be a good gift for new baby girl or boy.
All products are polished to a high quality, the size of the ball is such that it is convenient to take in a child’s palm, but does not fit in the mouth.

New baby girl gifts personalized: how to order

If you choose knitted or crochet items as a gift, we can offer personalization of your gift. You can choose the thread color, name, location on
produce You can send your wishes to us by mail:
personalized gifts for new baby girl is always a good decision to make your gift unforgettable.

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