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Welcome to the world of Montessori developmental toys at the online store “Buy me 50 gifts” for kids’ toys! We are delighted to offer you unique educational materials that will help your children foster their capabilities from a young age.

Items with high contrast have a significant advantage for your child’s development.

They develop concentration, focus, attract the child’s attention, stimulate brain development. it has been scientifically proven that when children are born, their retinas are not yet fully developed. This means that everything they see around them is very blurry and exists in shades of black and white.

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Are you looking for where to buy wooden toys at affordable prices in UK, USA, Canada? Then be sure to visit the “Buy me 50 gifts” store. We offer a wide range of early development toys.

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“Buy me 50 gifts” online store offers you great variety of Montessori or Montessori inspired toys. You can order them at our online shop at this web-site or at our Etsy shop. Also we have an Instagram account.

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In our online shop we have three category of prices of Montessori toys

  • Under €20: This range includes simple Montessori toys like wooden stacking blocks, shape sorters, and basic puzzles.
  • €20 – €50: In this range, you can find more elaborate puzzles, sensory toys, and sets that focus on specific skills like counting or language development.
  • €50 and above: Complex activity sets, large sensory bins, and premium-quality Montessori toys often fall into this range.

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Nowadays it’s easy and comfortable to order toys online. We propose our service of delivery from Belgium to UK via Bpost and UPS. Also we send our handmade Montessori toys to USA and worldwide.

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It is interesting for children to see how the balls inside roll. Thanks to their bright and clear colors, they attract the child’s attention and encourage him to follow the object with his eyes.

The rattle of a convenient cylindrical shape allows the baby to easily grab it and manipulate it. While moving, the child realizes that certain of his movements lead to the sound of the object.

While spending time on the tummy, the child, touching the stroller, will push it to a short distance. This will stimulate the baby to reach and crawl for the object to roll it again.

A set of first materials for a baby in an aesthetic package, especially for a gift. If you did not know what is useful to offer the baby in the first months of his life. These materials will serve the child for a long period of time: the Montessori gripper and disks for up to a year, and the comforter as a favorite toy for many more years.

This product is perfect not only for sleeping, but also for games. Perfectly performs the function of a rodent.

The comforter develops vision, sensory and motor skills, and also gives a feeling of peace, coziness and psychological comfort.

Thanks to the soft material and ergonomic design, the Goose comforter is easy to hold even for the smallest children. The comforter is made of pleasant to the touch hypoallergenic fabric and does not have hard or small elements, so nothing can harm the child.

The grabber is a simple Montessori material that helps in grasping objects. It encourages the baby to control his hands and fingers to reach out, grab an interesting object and bring it closer to examine. All beads are firmly fixed with a triple knot. The size of the bead is 3 cm.

Montessori connected discs are excellent material for training grasping movements, due to their size and shape. Eventually, the child can use the discs to transfer from one hand to the other. This requires the use of complex movements of the wrist. Discs begin to stimulate motor activity and crawling. The structure rolls slowly, to a distance that is sufficiently accessible to the child. Yes, the baby is fascinated, and he wants to repeat this movement again and again.

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A vertical rod on which the child needs to string three cubes. Material offered after mastering the stacker. A cube is a shape that is easy to grasp with fingers that have just learned to hold objects.

The child needs to coordinate his hand and hit the hole of the cube on the rod. In this way, the child develops logical thinking, visual-motor coordination, hand motility and wrist muscles. Cubes can be used as the first lacing.

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Egg on stand Wooden toys

A simple and incredibly attractive material for a baby is an ordinary wooden egg on a stand. The function of the material is to help the baby learn to work with both sides of the body at the same time.

A child needs a lot of practice to learn to use both hands at the same time. Such interaction involves not only the body, but also the brain.